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Episode 5 Steve Young Back 2 Skool Edition

It’s back to school time! And what better way to usher this in than with some cocktails, some school supplies, and comedian Steve Young. Once again the patio at Devon’s Pub welcomes us and even a couple of hecklers on this episode. Who heckles a podcast!? Seriously.

In keeping with our back to school theme this weeks cocktail is called  Back To School Special. Look for it on our recipe page. Don’t forget the pink eraser garnish and #2 pencil swizzle stick.


Even though we only got to one SchlitzList item, this episode is pretty amazing if we do say so ourselves.

Pennsylvania teacher in hot seat after boob grope pic hits Instagram.



Shockingly our Homewreckers & Gardens segment only has one item this week as well. Go ahead, take a guess…

That’s right we somehow managed to talk about the Sex Position Of The Week! Our special back to school edition sex position, man that sounds terrible, is everywhere in the house. The kids are gone, let your freak flag fly!



It’s hard to believe we keep finding these amazingly funny and great dads but we did it again. Steve Young, who started his comedy career late in life, is a father of 3 and a working professional. To quote the ever impressive viral video “aint nobody got time for that!” From parenting tips to some very good insights and an incredibly sharp wit Steve left us wanting more.

If you want more of Steve check out his Facebook page here.


Steve doesn’t understand how camera phones work.


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Episode 4 Rick Bryan Off The Rails

Holy crap guys, we’re not gonna lie, this episode is cray cray. Yeah we said cray cray. Thank god we record outside on the Devon’s Pub patio. As soon as we hit record till the very end, Rick had us in stitches. Which is comic lingo for he never shut up. Seriously though Rick had some good insights amid all the jokie jokes. From starting his comedy career in the same year he was diagnosed with cancer and the death of his father took place to child rearing to how much tequila he can drink, Rick made this a very fun podcast.


This weeks SchlitzList of Schlitty Schlitness involves the following;

Former MTV Teen Mom gives daughter extravagant Tooth Fairy payout.



Colorado parents change baby’s name after becoming book critics.



Father leaves six year old son in truck to watch sports at a bar.



Our Homewreckers & Gardens segment this week was cut a little short due to a small case of this weeks cocktail called The Bad Decision. Find that recipe on our recipe page.

The sex position of the week is The Donald Trump. It’s pretty easy to do… if you hate women.


Or this will work too in a pinch.


Rick Bryan is a father of three humans, two of which are entering their teen years.  This is why most of us drink.  Rick has been performing comedy since 2007, he is a national touring comic and kind of a big deal. Just ask him.  His parenting advice and words of wisdom almost brought us all to tears, but I’m gonna blame the alcohol.  No really, Rick really spilled his guts out on the patio.


Catch him on August 7th in Monte Vista.

August 13-16 at the Denver Improv.

Follow him on Twitter here.

See what he’s saying on Facebook here.


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Episode 3 Stephanie McHughGE

Stephanie McHugh rocks and can drink with the best of us.  She thought our drink this week at Devon’s Pub tasted like Emergen-C.  We like her for that.  She regales for us going on the road with her Mom, and being a traveling comic with KIDS.  Soon to be an empty nester, (YAY!) she tells of the Mom Changes that take place in our hearts and in our cars.

Hitting our SchlitzList this week like a fan, Res-tyrant Owner or Hero?  You decide.

In an ironic twist that would confuse even a hipster, parents move in with child attending college.


Another Schlit move paired with a Hero move that found it’s way into our show.

Our HOMEWRECKERS and Gardens issue this week brought us thus:

Drink of the Week- we have two variations of this both of which you can try at home.  The Tic Tac via Crystal and Bret’s version or the Devon’s version called The EmergenC.  Because what trauma in life doesn’t call for a drink?

– Sex Position this week involves ONE of these items:

spoiler alert, it’s not the goat.
Since we were getting jiggy with exercise topics, or is that jiggly? We added a Wine Workout to the mix.

Thank you to Jordan Wieleba for following our vague description of what we wanted and adding her genius to make it work! Presenting our new logo! Check her out here.


Our fine guest this week was Stephanie McHugh.  Another Colorado native from them thar hills of Durango.  This single mom of two daughters gave us what we always love hearing; a different parent perspective and Stephanie’s was absolutely LOVELY.  You go GRL.  She rocked a show at Comedy Works opening for Colin Kane. And we can’t wait for her next show! Keep up with her HERE and see what we mean!


As always, you can bitch and moan to us at and we will read your letters on the air although they might be a bit slurred in translation.





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Episode 2 Jill Tasei The Sober One

This week we showed up at Devon’s for our award winning (Again)Episode 2! And it worked!  2DrunkMomz were joined by comedian, single mom, work lady, Jill Tasei.  She actually gleaned us with some pretty cool parenting stories.  Well, she was the only sober one so that might have something to do with it.

Topping our SchlitzList this week is definitely a contender for Worst Mom of the Century.  She’s helpy.  (She’s actually a twisted fuck.)


Here we have a self proclaimed comedian Dad who terrified his kids in the most hilarious way EVER. (NOT.)


And we dug up a hero mom in the myriad of all this bad news, who turns sick kids into their own Super Heroes.  By hand.


Our special guest, Jill Tasei is a Colorado native, a single mom of three boys, (I’m pretty sure she has snapped a few blankets in her house.) She has a real grown up office job and performs stand up comedy by night.  So technically she is a lady of the evening…AAAAND the daytime.  She does it all. She appeared on NickMom Night out, has performed at the Denver Improv, Comics Against Civility, Devon’s Summer Showcase, and Comedy Works.  She will be performing at Comedy Works  on August 5th for the New Faces Contest.  Follow her on Twitter and Facebook too!



In Homewreckers and Gardens this week we discussed the never ending battle of Loading the Dishwasher Correctly.  IF that is even POSSIBLE.

On Sex Talk we introduce The Pluto.  Yeah.  That’s right.  Cartoon Doggie Style…kinda.

Michael fills us in on his version of ZeroScaping.  Yes, it’s just how it sounds.

And our drink this week was the Soccer Bomb.  The drunkies made a mess all over the table while Jill asked for napkins ever so politely.  We did a couple of those actually.  hehe.  Find it on our recipe page.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with complaints, advice of your own or any questions; we will read these on the air and promptly judge you.

Another big wet kiss goes out to Jordan Wiebela  for making our new, fantastic, amazing, going to be plastered all over the place logo!!  She rocks.


Download episode here.



Episode 1 Jodee Champion Of The People

Here ye hear ye! 2DrunkMomz is happening. Welcome to the inaugural episode of the award winning podcast. (Don’t over think that one.)

This episode features Denver comedian Jodee Champion. Fresh off of her whirl wind Minecraft Crafty Mom Birthday Party Tour, Jodee stopped by Devon’s Pub to help us launch this podcast.


This week’s SchlitzList, unfit parents in the news, brings us the following:

Sunbathing parents let 10 month old daughter float 1/2 a mile out to sea on baby raft. Like the Kon Tiki, only cuter.

floating baby

Bodybuilder parents banish 14 year old daughter to woods for a week after she ate a Pop-Tart, obviously taking a page from M. Night Shyamalan’s The Village.

no poptart


Jodee Champion fills us in about her start in stand up comedy as a fresh, new, single mom, when her son was only a year old. Thank god for stubborn women! From local shows at The Denver Improv, to Devon’s Summer Comedy Showcase and recently appearing on the Pump and Dump tour here in Denver to her national television debut on NickMom Night Out in Chicago, we were happy to have her grace our sloppy drinking table.

2drunkmomz jodee

Feel free to check out her Facebook page here and see how hilarious she is for yourself.


In our Homewreckers & Gardens segment this week we discuss:

Sex Talk- Ever been deep inside a dildo factory?

COCKtails- The Dirty Pool Boy. Find it on our recipe page and enjoy.


Have a burning question? Does it burn when you pee? Let us know about it.


Lastly a huge a huge 2DrunkMomz wet kiss to David Rodriguez for our new website header. You rock!