About Us

About us:

 Judy, Abby and Michael have nine children between the three of them so they know a little bit about surviving parenting. Michael and Judy recently moved in together and are blending a family. Abby quit comedy and works full time, raises four children and is married. We like the idea of acknowledging the messy side of life. We have kids from all different ages and found that there were many blogs/podcasts about new parents having babies but nothing about older kids or empty-nesters, divorced parents or single dads; so we combined all three. This is the place we can all come to vent, laugh and share.  Drunk or Sober…come play with us. Welcome.


 I have two kids ages 24 and 21 who live in Madison WI and NYC recpectively.  Ex Roller Girl, current stand-up comedian and film and theater actress.  I also run my own cleaning business so I can pay bills.  Recently moved in with the guy in the photo below. Parents need to know this is messy and it’s okay to not love every single minute of all of these stages.


Michael Powell has three kids ages 11, 8, and 5.  Denver’s Tycoon of Comedy and podcaster of  the 4 year run (of the now defunct and more popular than ever) ‘The Comedy Buffet’.  Currently starring in the role of Weekend Dad.


Abby Alt, owner of most of the children; 4 to be exact and recent re-tiree from her stand up career.  She is now a working mom in a job thingy and has a husband and a home and all that jazz.

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