Episode 5 Steve Young Back 2 Skool Edition

It’s back to school time! And what better way to usher this in than with some cocktails, some school supplies, and comedian Steve Young. Once again the patio at Devon’s Pub welcomes us and even a couple of hecklers on this episode. Who heckles a podcast!? Seriously.

In keeping with our back to school theme this weeks cocktail is called  Back To School Special. Look for it on our recipe page. Don’t forget the pink eraser garnish and #2 pencil swizzle stick.


Even though we only got to one SchlitzList item, this episode is pretty amazing if we do say so ourselves.

Pennsylvania teacher in hot seat after boob grope pic hits Instagram.



Shockingly our Homewreckers & Gardens segment only has one item this week as well. Go ahead, take a guess…

That’s right we somehow managed to talk about the Sex Position Of The Week! Our special back to school edition sex position, man that sounds terrible, is everywhere in the house. The kids are gone, let your freak flag fly!



It’s hard to believe we keep finding these amazingly funny and great dads but we did it again. Steve Young, who started his comedy career late in life, is a father of 3 and a working professional. To quote the ever impressive viral video “aint nobody got time for that!” From parenting tips to some very good insights and an incredibly sharp wit Steve left us wanting more.

If you want more of Steve check out his Facebook page here.


Steve doesn’t understand how camera phones work.


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Download episode here

Stay thirsty friends,


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