Episode 4 Rick Bryan Off The Rails

Holy crap guys, we’re not gonna lie, this episode is cray cray. Yeah we said cray cray. Thank god we record outside on the Devon’s Pub patio. As soon as we hit record till the very end, Rick had us in stitches. Which is comic lingo for he never shut up. Seriously though Rick had some good insights amid all the jokie jokes. From starting his comedy career in the same year he was diagnosed with cancer and the death of his father took place to child rearing to how much tequila he can drink, Rick made this a very fun podcast.


This weeks SchlitzList of Schlitty Schlitness involves the following;

Former MTV Teen Mom gives daughter extravagant Tooth Fairy payout.



Colorado parents change baby’s name after becoming book critics.



Father leaves six year old son in truck to watch sports at a bar.



Our Homewreckers & Gardens segment this week was cut a little short due to a small case of this weeks cocktail called The Bad Decision. Find that recipe on our recipe page.

The sex position of the week is The Donald Trump. It’s pretty easy to do… if you hate women.


Or this will work too in a pinch.


Rick Bryan is a father of three humans, two of which are entering their teen years.  This is why most of us drink.  Rick has been performing comedy since 2007, he is a national touring comic and kind of a big deal. Just ask him.  His parenting advice and words of wisdom almost brought us all to tears, but I’m gonna blame the alcohol.  No really, Rick really spilled his guts out on the patio.


Catch him on August 7th in Monte Vista.

August 13-16 at the Denver Improv.

Follow him on Twitter here.

See what he’s saying on Facebook here.


As always drop us a love letter to drunkmomz@yahoo.com.

Download episode here.


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