Episode 3 Stephanie McHughGE

Stephanie McHugh rocks and can drink with the best of us.  She thought our drink this week at Devon’s Pub tasted like Emergen-C.  We like her for that.  She regales for us going on the road with her Mom, and being a traveling comic with KIDS.  Soon to be an empty nester, (YAY!) she tells of the Mom Changes that take place in our hearts and in our cars.

Hitting our SchlitzList this week like a fan, Res-tyrant Owner or Hero?  You decide.

In an ironic twist that would confuse even a hipster, parents move in with child attending college.


Another Schlit move paired with a Hero move that found it’s way into our show.

Our HOMEWRECKERS and Gardens issue this week brought us thus:

Drink of the Week- we have two variations of this both of which you can try at home.  The Tic Tac via Crystal and Bret’s version or the Devon’s version called The EmergenC.  Because what trauma in life doesn’t call for a drink?

– Sex Position this week involves ONE of these items:

spoiler alert, it’s not the goat.
Since we were getting jiggy with exercise topics, or is that jiggly? We added a Wine Workout to the mix.

Thank you to Jordan Wieleba for following our vague description of what we wanted and adding her genius to make it work! Presenting our new logo! Check her out here.


Our fine guest this week was Stephanie McHugh.  Another Colorado native from them thar hills of Durango.  This single mom of two daughters gave us what we always love hearing; a different parent perspective and Stephanie’s was absolutely LOVELY.  You go GRL.  She rocked a show at Comedy Works opening for Colin Kane. And we can’t wait for her next show! Keep up with her HERE and see what we mean!


As always, you can bitch and moan to us at drunkmomz@yahoo.com and we will read your letters on the air although they might be a bit slurred in translation.





Download episode here


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