Episode 2 Jill Tasei The Sober One

This week we showed up at Devon’s for our award winning (Again)Episode 2! And it worked!  2DrunkMomz were joined by comedian, single mom, work lady, Jill Tasei.  She actually gleaned us with some pretty cool parenting stories.  Well, she was the only sober one so that might have something to do with it.

Topping our SchlitzList this week is definitely a contender for Worst Mom of the Century.  She’s helpy.  (She’s actually a twisted fuck.)


Here we have a self proclaimed comedian Dad who terrified his kids in the most hilarious way EVER. (NOT.)


And we dug up a hero mom in the myriad of all this bad news, who turns sick kids into their own Super Heroes.  By hand.


Our special guest, Jill Tasei is a Colorado native, a single mom of three boys, (I’m pretty sure she has snapped a few blankets in her house.) She has a real grown up office job and performs stand up comedy by night.  So technically she is a lady of the evening…AAAAND the daytime.  She does it all. She appeared on NickMom Night out, has performed at the Denver Improv, Comics Against Civility, Devon’s Summer Showcase, and Comedy Works.  She will be performing at Comedy Works  on August 5th for the New Faces Contest.  Follow her on Twitter and Facebook too!



In Homewreckers and Gardens this week we discussed the never ending battle of Loading the Dishwasher Correctly.  IF that is even POSSIBLE.

On Sex Talk we introduce The Pluto.  Yeah.  That’s right.  Cartoon Doggie Style…kinda.

Michael fills us in on his version of ZeroScaping.  Yes, it’s just how it sounds.

And our drink this week was the Soccer Bomb.  The drunkies made a mess all over the table while Jill asked for napkins ever so politely.  We did a couple of those actually.  hehe.  Find it on our recipe page.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with complaints, advice of your own or any questions; we will read these on the air and promptly judge you.


Another big wet kiss goes out to Jordan Wiebela  for making our new, fantastic, amazing, going to be plastered all over the place logo!!  She rocks.


Download episode here.



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