Episode 1 Jodee Champion Of The People

Here ye hear ye! 2DrunkMomz is happening. Welcome to the inaugural episode of the award winning podcast. (Don’t over think that one.)

This episode features Denver comedian Jodee Champion. Fresh off of her whirl wind Minecraft Crafty Mom Birthday Party Tour, Jodee stopped by Devon’s Pub to help us launch this podcast.


This week’s SchlitzList, unfit parents in the news, brings us the following:

Sunbathing parents let 10 month old daughter float 1/2 a mile out to sea on baby raft. Like the Kon Tiki, only cuter.

floating baby

Bodybuilder parents banish 14 year old daughter to woods for a week after she ate a Pop-Tart, obviously taking a page from M. Night Shyamalan’s The Village.

no poptart


Jodee Champion fills us in about her start in stand up comedy as a fresh, new, single mom, when her son was only a year old. Thank god for stubborn women! From local shows at The Denver Improv, to Devon’s Summer Comedy Showcase and recently appearing on the Pump and Dump tour here in Denver to her national television debut on NickMom Night Out in Chicago, we were happy to have her grace our sloppy drinking table.

2drunkmomz jodee

Feel free to check out her Facebook page here and see how hilarious she is for yourself.


In our Homewreckers & Gardens segment this week we discuss:

Sex Talk- Ever been deep inside a dildo factory?

COCKtails- The Dirty Pool Boy. Find it on our recipe page and enjoy.


Have a burning question? Does it burn when you pee? Let us know about it. drunkmomz@yahoo.com.


Lastly a huge a huge 2DrunkMomz wet kiss to David Rodriguez for our new website header. You rock!





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